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Diplomats have Talents!


As songwriter nominated for Hungarian Music Prize Fonogram with a multicultural background,

graduated as a Cultural Manager in Hungary I wanted to contribute to Berlin`s colorful cultural spectrum and connect diplomats and their families, people like you and me, to understand each other better beyond their every day roles. I wanted them to take a breath while doing something together, creating something of their own, their own music. Thanks to previous publicity in the last months we received plenty of positive feedback about our work and we are pleased, to announce that since few months we officially - morally supported by German Federal Foreign Ministry.


Our first concert was in December 2017  in German Foreign Ministry-Lichthof

at the Christmas Tree Illumination with special guest diplomat and professional pianist Aris Radiopulos in presence of Foreign Minister Steinmeier, who personally thanked for the musical performance of ours.


Our experience is that the diplomats are not having too much free time and furthermore their leisure activities

are not easy to plan upfront. Often they have unexpected diplomatic obligations at their desks or abroad, making the planning of rehearsals extremely difficult.


Therefore we developed a special system for our cooperation, in which our members are free to join us

on a project basis for certain events. That means that everybody can join us in the period when they have time and as long as they have motivation and time to do it. The obligations of the members and the flexible membership system are a challenge for the conductor to put the musical program together. However, this challenge gives us the chance to every time have a completely unique concert with original setup of musicians and arrangements.


The unique music and arrangements is also based on the fact that our orchestra plays a crossover music consisting of jazz,

blues and classical music, being open to freely combine the elements of music from all over the world, even with traditional instruments. Mentioned music styles are represented by the members with different musical educational backgrounds and  therefore with different musical understanding, conception and expression possibilities. Besides the continuous experience in communication between different cultures, which we all had before and during this project, we were faced with the challenge of finding the right way of communication between musicians with various educational and musical theoretical backgrounds. It was an extremely valuable experience, which was underlining the importance of this project, not only from the intercultural and musical point of view, but also as an educational project. We learned how to play in an orchestra, improvise, play without music sheets, understand features and colors of music. Diplomats have many talents - just look for them!







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